CSA Freezer Orders

Order and pay in advance for poultry, lamb and goat meat, which will be delivered to your home in late September 2018

for orders and inquiries:  myfavouritefarm@gmail.com

We have  suggestions for quantities – or you can design your own order.   

Prices are based on  $9.00 per pound  for whole birds.

You will receive a 10% discount on orders over $250.00 and a 15% discount on orders over $450.00

What is a CSA?

Community  Supported Agriculture is an informal contract between the farmer and community members who want local,  ethically raised livestock, poultry, vegetables and fruit.  Most CSA farmers are striving for or have achieved Organic Status.  Farmers offer their products to the community in advance of the harvest season,  hoping to find customers who will pay up front for the produce they will receive during and after the growing season is over.  Customers are assured of the best the farmers have to offer, but also share some of the risk that may befall the farm: weather, pests, predators.  Farmers benefit by not having to borrow for Spring start-up, and Customers benefit by eating the best food available and not having to raise the produce or livestock themselves.

How our meat is raised . . . .

My Favourite Farm raises poultry from late Spring until mid- fall so that the birds can be outside on pasture, free-ranging all day long.  They are in sheds for their protection from predators only at night.  We have no desire to raise birds inside barns.  You can buy that sort of chicken in any grocery store.

We give them only certified Organic grains from Homestead Organics.  It costs more than twice as much as Industry Standard Grain.

For your protection the birds and livestock are killed and processed in Government approved abattoirs.  The birds are inspected while they are still alive in trailers and then again after they are processed. For your information inspections costs between 5 and 15 dollars per bird and around 75 dollars per lamb or goat.


We raise our birds and animals on pasture and 100% organic grain.

for orders and inquiries:




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