Salubrious Model

We all know that . . .

pure foodfresh air, clean water,  sunshine and exercise are the key to health and a path to happiness;

we are getting used to the idea that the food we eat, ideally, should be raised with the same principles.  While it is hard to check our own addictions, bad habits, urges and splurges, it is possible to control the elements to which the food we raise is exposed.

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      Dorothy”s Ducks and Cooper



On my favourite farm the working model is to  rotate our birds’ roaming grounds in the fields so that they always have access to fresh wild grasses and plants and allow the plants opportunity to grow back in the grazed and fertilized areas.

To supplement the pasture feeding we use only Homestead Organics starter and grower feeds.  Both are a high protein diet which contains corn, roasted soybeans, barley, wheat,flax meal, oats and minerals; all organic!

fresh air and sunshine:

Bacteria, of all sorts, thrive in dark, confined spaces.  Ultra violet rays, present in sunshine,  are known to kill many strains of bacteria  just from a few hours exposure.  Our ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens are set free to roam in the out of doors during daylight hours, and are housed with fresh bedding each night.

clean water: 

A well was dug to supply the fowl and future livestock with fresh, accessible water.  Their drinking water is refreshed many times daily and the ducks and geese have portable pools to bathe and cool where they are grazing. (Turkeys don’t like bathing in water, they prefer sand baths, so they get sandboxes!)



  1. health-giving; conducive or favourable to good health; healthy.
    synonyms:  healthy, health-giving, healthful, beneficial, wholesome.
    •  pleasant; agreeable.
      synonyms:  pleasant, agreeable, pleasing, enjoyable, pleasurable, nice, delightful;  select, high-class, upscale, upmarket. 
      mid 16th century: from Latin salubris (from salus ‘health’) + ous.


We raise our birds and animals on pasture and 100% organic grain.

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