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My Favourite Farm . . . . . . .

is situated on a hundred acres of diverse land that has been left to the ways of nature for the past thirty years.  Every year hay has been taken from the fields, but aside from that, and a small vegetable garden, the soil has not been planted, tilled, or sprayed with any chemical.  There are varied forests and protected wetlands and no end to wild flowers, fruit,  plants and wildlife.

frog pond aug 14 (210 of 374)
geese in early August

The mandate of My Favourite Farm . . . .

is to improve the soil every year by managing the pastures with diverse livestock.  This year it’s with chicken, duck, geese, turkey and goat; in the coming years next year we will add  sheep and eventually pigs and cattle.  Each eat different forage and their different manures will build a strong, healthy soil which will, in turn,  grow the best fresh feed  to raise the healthiest meat.


frog pond aug 14 (127 of 374)
Sunrise through wattles Photo by jesturcam

Raising the healthiest meat . . . .

 means providing the birds and animals with sunshine, fresh air, well water, a varied fresh diet, ranging free on managed pastures  and safe housing. This means tending to the flocks by sheperding them to fresh grasses during the day and back to their houses at night and keeping the wildlife away with movable fencing.

Frog pond HQ (58 of 113)

It is in the land’s best interest . . .

 to have the birds and animals graze in rotation and naturally fertilize it, and then to move them on to fresh grass.  It is heartening to see the birds run to  fresh grass as soon as a new plot of land is made accessible to them.

Frog pond HQ (112 of 113)

frog pond aug 14 (1 of 374)

We raise our birds and animals on pasture and 100% organic grain.

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